Frequently Asked Questions

Camera Rental Site Banner FAQ


I love this idea, how much does it cost?

Packages start at $199 for 10 high-quality Nikon cameras. Each package includes a personal online photo gallery and USB key with all of your photos and videos. Check out our pricing page for more details.

When comparing prices, remember all of the costs associated with disposables:  film developing, unused film, poor picture quality, and missed photographs of that once in a lifetime candid moment.

What are your payment terms?

Register your event on our site.  During the registration process, you will be asked to enter credit card information. will charge your credit card a $10 deposit to reserve your cameras. The remaining balance will be charged 5-7 days before your scheduled event, depending on when we ship the devices.




What is included in the shipping cost?

There are no additional shipping costs.  Round trip shipping is included in the cost of each device package.

Where does ship to?

Currently, we only ship to locations in the U.S.

When will I receive my DigiKnot package?

You will receive your DigiKnot package one business day before your scheduled event (Guaranteed by the shipping company) .

How soon after the event do I need to return the devices?

We require you to ship the devices back within three business days after your event.  The quicker you return the devices to us, the quicker we can get your photos uploaded to your gallery.

How do I send the devices back?

We send our devices in sturdy containers.  In addition to the container, a USPS Priority Mail box will also be enclosed and labeled with the return address, prepaid postage and tracking information.  Drop them off at a U.S. Post Office location and hand them over to an employee.

Where and when can I pick up the devices if I live locally?

We will email you the address where you can pick up the devices after your package is reserved.  You may pick them up two business days before your event.


Device Information

What types of devices are available for rent?

Every few months, we expand our product offerings. We rent Nikon point-and-shoot cameras starting in sets of 10 cameras. Our Apple iPods (5th generation) can be rented in sets of 5.  We also offer GoPro Hero 2’s and the HP Sprocket portable photo printer. Please visit our device page for more details!

Can the devices take HD video?

Our Nikon cameras record in 720p and the GoPro cameras record in 1080p. Please visit our device information page for more details

How many pictures/videos can we take with the camera?

Each Nikon camera contains a minimum of 4 GB of total memory.   There is room for over 400 pictures as well as plenty of space for those videos.  The GoPro cameras include a 16gig memory card, plenty of space for those wide angle photos and videos!

Do you provide batteries for the devices?

All of our devices are shipped fully charged. The Nikon cameras will include 4 spare batteries. The GoPro will include a charging cable should a device require charging.  The HP Sproket printers contain a rechargeable battery but will also include a charging cable


Online Gallery

How long will it take before my pictures become available online?

We will upload your pictures promptly once the cameras are returned to us.  You can expect your pictures uploaded within three days after we receive the cameras.  Normally, we are able to get your pictures uploaded within two days after receiving the cameras.

Will my family and friends be able to view the gallery?

Your family and friends will be able to see your photos as easily as you do.  The gallery does not require registration and can be accessed with the passcode we provide for the event.  We supply information cards for each guest that explains how to view their photographs online.

Can my family and friends upload their pictures onto the gallery?

Many times, guests take pictures using their own cameras.  Your online gallery allows for your guests to upload their own pictures.

Can I download and print full-size pictures from the gallery?

Unlike most services, ALL of the pictures on our gallery can be downloaded in full-size and printed on your color printer, FREE of charge.  You can also take the downloaded files to any store which develops digital photos.

How long will my pictures be available online?

Each device package includes one year of photo hosting.  At your request, we can remove the photos anytime you wish.


Device Insurance

What does the device insurance include?

Our device insurance covers normal wear and tear on the devices. Devices that are broke beyond repair which we are unable to use for future clients are not covered by the insurance.  Lost or stolen devices are also the responsibility of the customer.

We’ve been renting our devices for several years and are happy to say we RARELY have issues with broken, lost or stolen cameras.  We are happy to work with you should one of those situations occur.

What if the device is lost or stolen?

You will be responsible for the replacement of lost or stolen cameras.  Our cameras are clearly labeled with our name.  Your guests will understand that you are responsible for the cameras.  We find that theft is rarely a problem. If you have concerns about theft, we recommend putting someone in charge of the cameras and using a checkout system.  You can also hand out the cameras to only close family and friends.

We’ve been renting our devices for several years and are happy to say we RARELY have issues with broken, lost or stolen cameras.  We are happy to work with you should one of those situations occur.


Printing Pictures

How can I print the pictures?

We offer several options for you to print your pictures.  From our website, you can download a full-size version of your pictures and either print them on your home printer or take them to any store that offers digital picture printing.  You can also print all of your photos from the USB drive.  Another option we offer is the ability to have the pictures printed through the gallery.

How much do you charge to print the pictures?

The charges for printing a picture varies through the service we use.  DigiKnot does not make any profit through the service.  We offer it for your convenience.  Generally, a 4 x 6 photo will cost around 20 cents.  Other sizes will vary.



Can I get a USB drive or DVD with all of my pictures and videos?

With each package, we include a USB drive (key) which contains all of the pictures and videos from your event.  Please contact us if you’d also like a DVD.


Additional Services

I love the wedding photo scavenger hunt idea, can you help me out?

We can organize everything for you.  You pick as many ideas as you want from the list we provide.  Then, we organize and divide them out by the number of tables you will have at your reception.  We make up a folder for each table with instructions for the wedding camera scavenger hunt, along with their list of things to hunt for.  Please email us the number of tables at least two weeks before the event.