New Wedding Camera Packages

We are pleased to introduce our new camera packages! To accompany the latest site redesign (our 4th in 4 years), we now offer three camera packages to make your wedding perfect! For starters, our Bronze Package includes 10 high quality Nikon cameras, online photo gallery, photo scavenger hunt and a USB key with all of your photos and HD videos. The Silver Package includes a selfie stick, camera tripod and mobile photo uploading for your guests. The Gold Package includes a GoPro Hero 2 camera with chest and head Straps. And don’t worry; we do not reuse those straps. They’re yours to keep! For more information about these packages, please click here for a package comparison. We’re looking forward to 2016 and with the site redesign, we’re excited to offer our clients more choices than ever before! Please, if you have any questions, email us and [email protected]. Don’t forget, you can also find us on your favorite social media platform.